The statement of the students of the Iranian universities of medical sciences condemning the human tragedy in the attack of the usurper Israeli regime on Al-Mamdani Hospital in Gaza

The statement of the students of the Iranian universities of medical sciences condemning the human tragedy in the attack of the usurper Israeli regime on Al-Mamdani Hospital in Gaza

The statement of the students of the Iranian universities of medical sciences condemning the human tragedy in the attack of the usurper Israeli regime on Al-Mamdani Hospital in Gaza



In the Name of God, the most Compassionate, the Merciful


Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory. (22:39)


On the dark evening of last Tuesday, all freemen of the world witnessed one of the most bitter days in history; the pain of Al-Mamdani Hospital is not only the pain for Muslims, but also it is a pain for humanity. A crime whose stain remains stronger than the crimes of Deir Yassin and Sabra and Shatila and will not be erased from the historical memory of the world’s free people. The Zionist usurper regime who has a history of 75 years- as long as their existence- in the crime and massacre of the oppressed people of Palestine, showed once again that it does not recognize humanity in its intellectual and political dictionary. In recent days, by targeting hospitals, mosques, churches, residential houses and schools, this usurping regime has shown that it is the enemy of humanity and acts as a tumor that seeks to diminish human life.


Al-Mamdani Hospital was attacked while hundreds of unarmed citizens, men and women, children, young people and the elderly were taking care in it; The Court of Humanity is the most reliable court that condemns this crime, while international laws also condemn such atrocity.

The Fourth Geneva Convention, approved on August 12, 1949, specifies in this regard:

        All the injured and sick should be respected and supported in any situation, they should be treated humanely and they should be treated and given medical care as soon as possible and in the best possible way.

        All medical units (military or civilian) that provide services to the wounded and sick under the control of a responsible authority, must be protected by this law, which means that personnel, materials, buildings and medical facilities, as well as the transportation of equipment used for medical purposes are used and marked with a red cross or crescent on a white background should be protected by this law.


The oppressions of the Zionist regime, which have lasted as long as the existence of this regime, should be exposed to the false claimants of human rights, and condemning them is a necessity, which, if neglected, provides the basis for the repetition of those crimes. The use of phosphorous and chemical munitions, the Sabra and Shatila massacres on September 16-18, 1982, the eleven phases of massacres during 1948, the Kafr Qasim massacre on October 29, 1956, the Qubia massacre on October 14, 1953, the Al-Khalil mosque massacre on February 25, 1994, the massacre Qana on April 18, 1996, the massacre of Jenin on April 3-11, 2002, the Gaza flotilla raid )attack on the freedom convoy, the so called human aids) and the assassination of the Palestinian commanders and their families are only a part of the bloodthirsty and cruel actions of the ominous Zionist regime, which is still being shown in the latest status of the brutal killing of the oppressed Palestinian people in recent days and the cutting off of water, electricity and fuel and preventing the arrival of minimum humanitarian aids. And of course, if this usurping regime continues its exitance, it will not be the last crime.

The use of prohibited weapons of mass destruction is condemned all over the world, but the occupying regime of Al-Quds cruelly used phosphorous bombs and in the most brutal way, it caused the massive killing of civilians, especially innocent children. This crime and similar crimes will cause irreparable damage to the health of this small geographical area in the years to come, in addition to the massacre of people.

 We, the students of the medical sciences universities of Iran, who consider ourselves to be part of the generation of martyrs of health and carry out the duty to protect the health of people everywhere in the world and respond to the call of the Quds for it defence. We consider ourselves responsible to call upon the global health community to this important issue and announce:

1.     We invite all the professors, students and academic community of Iran and the world to join the many free and freedom-loving students who support Palestine by condemning the genocide and the crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza and taking a stand against it, and perform their minimal human duty; It is necessary to clearly define the demarcation of the sacred institution of science with anti-human actions, and as the Imam Ali (a.s) said, not remaining silent in the face of such crimes is a divine covenant between scholars and scientists.


2.     While thanking the Ministry of Health, the Red Crescent Society and the Basij medical community for supporting the oppressed Palestinian people and announcing their preparedness to send clinical rescuers and humanitarian aids to Gaza, we also request pursuing a sustainable way for these aids to enter Gaza for being used and taking benefit from the capacity of students and volunteers willing to help with humanitarian services.


3.     3Whilst honoring the valuable support and guidance of the Palestinian Nation and their steadfastness for the ideals of Qods, we hereby announce to the Islamic Government of Iran, the foreign ministry, and the IRGC that we the student intellectuals and and elites of Iran strongly support and back the position on the issue of Palestine and the struggle against the occupying regime of Quds. We declare our readiness to play a role in this historical – confrontation and offer any humanitarian assistance.


4.      To the doctors, nurses, and our colleagues worldwide, especially those who consider themselves ‘Doctors Without Borders’, we declare: At this moment in history, the eyes of the world are upon us to fulfill our grave duty correctly. Your colleagues in Gaza are working tirelessly under the most difficult conditions and with minimal resources to alleviate the suffering of the people of Gaza. You too, take action to help the oppressed people of Gaza, so that we may prevent the genocide and massacre of the innocent people of Palestine. Saving one life is akin to saving all of humanity.



‘And whoever saves a life, it is as if they have saved all of humanity.'(Quran 5:32)

5.      We request the World Health Organization, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Committee, health ministries, Red Cross, and Red Crescent societies in all countries to expedite relief efforts and send aid to Gaza. They should also ensure a permanent and secure route for sending relief workers and aid, as every day of delay in this process will be accompanied by the deaths of hundreds of innocent women and children in this region.


6.      Addressing the Islamic governments:

We believe that the current situation of the Palestinian people is the result of the inaction and deviation of positions by governments, especially Islamic governments, in the past eight decades, which has allowed the wretched Zionist regime to thrive. Therefore, we consider your most important duty to be in confronting the criminal regime, and you will be held responsible for any consequences resulting from your continued inaction towards the war crimes in Gaza. Closing the Israeli embassy in your country and expelling the ambassador of the Zionist regime, closing your embassy in occupied Palestine, recognizing the state of Palestine, establishing diplomatic relations with it, and making efforts to facilitate the arrival of relief workers and humanitarian aids to Gaza are the least steps that can be taken to rectify past actions.


7.      Addressing the free people around the world:

Let us unite! Especially the Islamic nations, who for years have suffered from division, which has led to a tragic situation for Palestine and the sacred Quds. The cancer of the Zionist regime will not be eradicated except through this unity, and any negligence and division today will be our misfortune tomorrow. Let us not forget the brutal behavior of this fabricated regime, derived from their vile nature and ugly beliefs, in considering themselves superior to others. In the event of victory in Palestine, their behavior towards other nations will be no different from what they did to the Palestinians.


8.      We invite the people of the Book, Muslims worldwide, and members of the Christian, Zoroastrian, and Kalamian communities in Iran and around the world to return to their human nature and divine teachings. Defending the oppressed, fighting against the oppressor, and striving for justice are common to all religions. Based on this, we all agree that the massacre of the defenseless people of Gaza by the occupier regime of Quds is contrary to human nature and all of these teachings. It is necessary for all of us to declare our innocence and aversion to Zionism.

‘Say: O People of the Book, come to a common word between us and you: that we shall worship none but God, and that we shall ascribe no partner unto Him.'(Quran 3:64)


9.     The world must know that the wretched Zionist regime is indeed part of global arrogance, and America and England, as its leaders, are the creators of this cancerous tumor and the main culprits of these atrocities. Their dirty policies have inflicted much pain and suffering on humanity. In the latest example, by hastily vetoing the immediate ceasefire through the United Nations, the United States, Britain, and France have prevented the cessation of war and the slaughter of the defenseless people of Gaza. These governments should know that the people of the world and the Muslim nations are deeply angered by their inhumane actions, and if these events continue, nothing but severe retaliation can be imagined from them.


Finally, it is necessary to mention that the cry for freedom and dignity of the people has risen in various parts of the world in support of these oppressed and powerful people. Yet, once again, in the cradle of freedom, efforts are being made to silent these enlightening cries. But know that the light of God is not something that can be extinguished.

“They wish to extinguish the light of God with their mouths, but God will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.”( Quran 9:32)


Everyone must know that the occupying regime has indeed arrived at its final days and the storm-like resistance of the oppressed has humiliated their so called security. We university students of medical universities Again Condemn the savagery acts of genocidal behavior toward people and innocent kids of Gaza and also declare our will and preparedness to save lives of this vulnerable nation. We also have promised to not rest until this cancerous tumor is removed from the region entirely. In the near future, we will darken the sky of Zionism and take revenge for the Muslims and the oppressed of the world. With a loud voice, we will cry out:

“Death to Israel!”


“And they gained victory after they were wronged. And those who have wronged will come to know to what [kind of] return they will be returned.” (Quran 26:227)

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